Installing the SecureAuth OTP App - Mac OSX

As an alternative to using email, voice calls, or SMS to receive "One-Time Passwords", it is also possible to use the "SecureAuth Authenticator" Mac OSX desktop application to generate "One-Time Passwords" to log into the Elliot Remote Access Portal.

PreRequisite: You must have a personal email or personal mobile phone enrolled into the system prior to installing the "SecureAuth Authenticator" application.
First Time User Registration

1. Using the Apple "App Store", search for "SecureAuth"

2. Install the SecureAuth OTP Application.

3. Once installation is complete, use the Mac OSX Finder to locate and run the "SecureAuth OTP" application.

4. The first time the application is run, registration is required. In the "Server URL" field, enter "portal.elliot-hs.org" and click Start.

5. Enter your Elliot network username and click Submit.

6. Choose the method to receive your registration code and click Submit.

7. Enter the registration code received.

8. Enter your Elliot network password and click Submit.

9. You will be required to choose a 4-digit PIN to protect the SecureAuth OTP application. Choose a PIN that you will remember.

10. Once complete, the rotating "One-Time Password" or OTP will be displayed.

11. Now, during the login process, you can choose the "SecureAuth Smartphone Client" (actually loaded on your Mac computer) as your registration code.

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