Basic Login with "Two-Factor Authentication"

1. Open https://portal.elliot-hs.org in a web browser

2. Select if the computer you are using is "Public" or "Private"

- "Public" - no information will be saved
- "Private" - this computer will be "enrolled" into the system, and you will only be prompted for "Two-Factor" authentication every 30 days

*** Only choose "Private" for computers that you trust and frequently use ***


3. Enter your Elliot network Username and click "Submit"


4. Choose the method that you would like to recieve your "Code" / "One-Time Password"

- Personal Email
- Personal Mobile Phone (via voice call)
- Personal Mobile Phone (via SMS message)


5. Once you receive the "Code" / "One-Time Password", enter it using the computer keyboard or keypad, then hit "Submit"


6. Next, enter your Elliot network Password and hit "Submit"


7. Once succesfully logged in, you can choose to update your profile, access Elliot applications using Citrix, or access your Elliot e-mail using Outlook Web Access


8. When you are done, close ALL browser tabs and click "Log Off" on the bottom of the page

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