Configuring the Citrix Receiver for "Integrated Mode"

 - Microsoft Windows

Citrix Receiver "Integrated Mode" allows you to use the Citrix Receiver application to natively access authorized Elliot Citrix applications, without using a web browser. Some users find this mode more robust, especially when using multiple Citrix applications simultaneously.

Note: When using the Citrix Receiver in Integrated Mode, you will be required to log in with your Elliot network username and passord + a "SecureAuth Code" during each session. There is no option to "Remember" your device.


- You must have the Citrix Receiver for MS Windows installed

- You must have the SecureAuth Authenticator OTP application installed and registered in order to generate the required "SecureAuth Code"

1. On your Microsoft Windows device, open the Citrix Receiver application. You may need to use the MS Windows Start Menu to locate the application after it is installed.

2. Click "Add Account". Enter "ehsstore.elliot-hs.org" in the Server Address field.

3. When prompted, enter your Elliot network username and password.

4. Launch the "SecureAuth Authenticator OTP" application. Enter the 6-digit code provided when prompted to "Enter SecureAuth Code".

5. Upon succesful login, you will be presented with Elliot Citrix applications your have access to. Some applications will be on the main screen, additional applications can be located by using the search box or clicking the "Plus +" sign.

6. Procedure complete. You can now use the Citrix Receiver in "Integrated Mode" for Microsoft Windows.

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